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WatchDog_LDD component with EWM on K64

Question asked by Matthew Kendall on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Matthew Kendall

I am using a Kinetis K64 device with MQX, using Processor Expert to create drivers for some peripherals for which MQX does not provide drivers.


I am using the WatchDog_LDD component to configure and drive the EWM (the External Watchdog Monitor module, not the regular Watchdog Timer module). PE generates an Init() function that I call to initialise the device, and a Clear() function that I call regularly to clear it. If I don't clear it at the appropriate rate the watchdog expires and the EWM_OUT pin becomes asserted, which forces some external hardware into a fail-safe state. This all works as expected.


I would like to be able to tell, in firmware, if the watchdog has expired. Processor Expert does not offer to generate any function that would provide this information. Looking at the MCU datasheet, I see there is no convenient register bit that shows this. There is, however, a register bit that enables an interrupt on expiry. Processor Expert looks like it has the ability to generate a callback via the OnWatchDog() event, but this is greyed out and I cannot set it to generate code.


Is there some way to enable the OnWatchDog event of the PE WatchDog_LDD component for the EWM on the K64? If so, how?