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Problems with printf variable argument parsing

Question asked by Tho Borawski on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by Tho Borawski

For Codewarrior V10.5 with EWL, I have been having problems getting
printf to process the argument list correctly.  As an example, for two

test variables:


unsigned short locTestNum = 5;
float locTestFloat = 1.234;


When I execute:


printf("{Float=%8.3f} {Int= %hu}\n",locTestFloat,locTestNum);


The result is:


{Float=0.000} {Int= 5}

I realize that there are library build options (such as
_EWL_FLOATING_POINT_PRINTF_SCANF) that may cause such a problem, but I have used sprintf
in the past with floats with no problems.


As a sidenote: I found that I had to initialize the stdout file handle
to get printf to work via WriteUARTN. The following are the settings I used:


stdout->mode.open_mode = __create_if_necessary;
stdout->mode.buffer_mode = _IONBF;
stdout->mode.io_mode = __write_mode;
stdout->mode.file_kind = __console_file;   
stdout->state.error = 0;
stdout->state.io_state = __writing;       
stdout->write_proc =  __write_console;  //located in /src/sys/uart_console_io.c calls WriteUARTN directly
stdout->read_proc =  __read_console;
stdout->buffer = stdout_buff;
stdout->buffer_ptr = stdout_buff;
stdout->buffer_size = sizeof(stdout_buff);
stdout->buffer_len = sizeof(stdout_buff);