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FlexBus connected to SJA1000 CAN Controller

Question asked by jschepler on Feb 4, 2015
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The application for my microcontroller is to interface to 3 seperate CAN buses.  I am using the TWR-K64F Tower Kit.  For one of the CAN buses I used the integrated FlexCAN built into the microprocessor.  For the next two buses, I will need to communicate with a seperate CAN Controller.  The CAN Controller that I would like to use is an SJA1000.  There are two modes of operation for this controller, Intel or Motorola mode.  I will be operating the controller in Motorola mode because the R/WR signal is on one pin from the FlexBus.


This controller communicates on a parallel bus with 8 data/address pins multiplexed.  I would like to use the FlexBus to communicate with the controller.


However, the controller needs an E (Enable) signal that goes high just after the chip select asserts, and goes low just before the chip select goes back high.


I thought I would be able to use the Byte Enable signal from the microcontroller and just invert it for the Enable pin.


I connected my oscilloscope to the EBI_BE_32_24_B pin on the C side expansion port but it never changes state.


I can view the clock out signal and chip selects on the oscilloscopes and those are working properly, but the byte enable signal seems to not be working.


Am I connecting to the wrong pin?  Below is how I setup for using the BE_32_24_B pin: