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Strange error when running KSDK demo project

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho

Hello, KDS team and followers.


Right now, I tried to run some KSDK demos on a customer's PC and for our surprise, we got a strange error. For example, we took the hello_world example for FRDM-K64F working set (wsd file) and did exactly as the manuals say: we first cleaned and built the platform library project and then the hello_world demo project itself (without cleaning). And we got an error from "system_MK64F12.c" file, claiming that "DEFAULT_SYSTEM_CLOCK" is undeclared. This definition should come from the "system_MK64F12.h" file which is part of sdk_platform library that we compiled before and is supposed to be included in the demo project. Have the error screenshot attached.


We tried to run other examples, but the same error ocurrs. And I didn't get the same error on my side. I imagined that it could be a corrupted file or something like that, but before making the customer remove and reinstall the SDK, I came to this forum to know if somebody already experienced the same and if there is a solution for that.


Thanks and regards,


Marco Coelho