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Wake Up from external pins

Question asked by Pietro di Castri on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Mark Butcher

Good morning

I wander if the LLWUP unit has to be gated to work. I do  not find a bit field to do so. Confirm it does not need.


For activating the interrupt of the LLWUP unit from external pin, It is necessary to:

1) enable the interrupt of the pins itself: -> PORT_HAL_SetPinIntMode(BOARD_SW_LLWU_BASE, BOARD_SW_LLWU_PIN, kPortIntFallingEdge);

2) enable the interrupt of the pin in the LLWUP unit -> LLWU_HAL_SetExternalInputPinMode(LLWU_BASE,kLlwuExternalPinDisabled, (llwu_wakeup_pin_t)BOARD_SW_LLWU_EXT_PIN);


Are all the previous actions necessary and sufficient???


Will the interrupt of the pin change requested or simply ignored in such initialization???



Thank You...