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MKL03 Simple Template Project (without PE and Kinetis Studio)

Question asked by DolomitiLynx on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by jeremyzhou


I'm looking for the source files or a template empty project to take as a starting point to develop a simple application on a Kinetis MKL03 microcontroller. Some time ago I've developed applications for MKL05 and MKL25 Microcontroller, taking as starting point some source code archives (if I remember the one for KL25 was named KL25_SC.EXE). What I need are only the initialization files and the headers. I don't want to use Kinetis Designer or Processor Expert, since we use IAR and we want take under control the software initialization path...


Where can I found such material? Can I reuse the ones contained in the KL05 source code package? We have a project with MKL03Z32, but we are as usually very late and if we found the initialization source code (both from internal OSC and from external one) we can gain some time. I have take a look also at the FRDM KL03 evaluation board, but seem to be lack of such software archive.


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