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LPDDR2 config on imx6sl

Question asked by tony.l.cai on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by Yuri Muhin


     Maybe, some params in LPDDR2 Aid is not right,so when I use the DDR stress tool, test is failed.

     So I want to know some definition about the options in Aid.

     DRAM single Die density,How to know how many dies is in this LPDDR2. Some datasheet didnt show it clearly.

     Number of chip selects used, How to know in datasheet.  I cant find the clear answers in datasheet,either.

     So could you give me more help,and make Aid can pass the DDR stress test.


     our LPDDR2 is winbond W97BH2KBQX2I,and the LPDDR2 datasheet and Aid settings are following.

     After ddr stress test ,the result is following. I want to know If the DDR can not work??

     Dont to tell me where the DDR controller addr is ,and the following is not. so the DDR settings is not right.

     But before this LPDDR2, we also use a LPDDR2, in inc, the DDR controller addr is the same with this DDR,and the former one can work.

     so I just want to say, maybe some other factors make this DDR can not work. Please help me, thank you very much !