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Adding Bluetooth Python extension module -PyBluez in linux code running on Imx6q

Question asked by Divya R Dharan on Feb 4, 2015

Hi All,


I wants to run a test app for bluetooth in python in imx 6q Sabre S board.

The os is linux.

I tried to run simple python program for printing Hello was successfull.

But when I tried to run the Test app,for bluetooth i got error.

So i downloaded PyBluez-0.20 and tried to execute the command  python install

But I got error like compiler not found.

Could anyone help me to resolve this?

My program shown below

#!usr/bin python

import bluetooth


target_name = "My Phone"

target_address = None


nearby_devices = bluetooth.discover_devices()


for bdaddr in nearby_devices:

  if target_name == bluetooth.lookup_name( bdaddr ):

  target_address = bdaddr



if target_address is not None:

  print "found target bluetooth device with address ", target_address


  print "could not find target bluetooth device nearby"