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booting linux 3.0.35 root filesystem built with yocto

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by Steve Anderson

I am using Yocto 1.6.2 attempting to build a system with u-boot 2009.08 and Linux 3.0.35 for a client.


My problem is that the system hangs when I try to use the root filesystem created by yocto...


To get there I have started by using the only yocto recipes I could find in 1.6.2 sources for those images:

* u-boot-imx has a 2009.08 build, and this is running fine for me on my target platform.

* linux-boundary has a 3.0.35 build, and this is running fine for me on my target platform...


In this case my yocto machine is based largely on the Boundary Devices iMX6qSabreLite board.

This gives me access to u-boot-imx and linux-boundary recipes.


The whole thing stammers to a halt, however, upon attempting to run the /sbin/init application in the root filesytem...


However, experimenting, I found that the whole thing works fine with the u-boot and Kernel built above, but using the LTIB root filesystem.


This leads me to believe I have some library incompatibility causing the root yocto filesystem to fail.


If anyone has managed to get yocto to build Linux 3.0.35 with a root filesystem which runs, I would very much appreciate knowing the recipes and configurations you used to achieve this.  I am not liking the need to go back to LTIB, and am certain I am missing something relatively simple...