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Where can I find the steps necessary to configure DSPI with EDMA using Processor Expert on a Kinetis processor?

Question asked by TOM TALKINGTON on Feb 3, 2015

First time with Processor Expert Driver Suite, Kinetis processors, KDSK, etc. etc.


Using PE I was able to get DSPI to work without DMA.  Now I want to configure it with DMA and am stuck.  Can't find any instructions, examples, forum posts nothing. Can someone point me to something to get me going?


You can see from my Components_Init() that it appears EDMA is being configured but the intializations for DSPI is still without DMA.  How to you tell the DSPI component that you want to use DMA?


void Components_Init(void)

  /*! dmaController1 Auto initialization start */
  EDMA_DRV_RequestChannel(kEDMAAnyChannel, kDmaRequestMux0SPI0Tx, &dmaController1_ChnState0);
  /*! dmaController1 Auto initialization end */
  /*! spiCom1 Auto initialization start */
  OSA_InstallIntHandler(SPI0_IRQn, spiCom1_irqHandler);
  NVIC_SetPriority(SPI0_IRQn, 112U);
  /*! spiCom1 Auto initialization end */
  /*! gpio1 Auto initialization start */
  OSA_InstallIntHandler(PORTB_IRQn, PORTB_IRQHandler);
  OSA_InstallIntHandler(PORTC_IRQn, PORTC_IRQHandler);
  NVIC_SetPriority(PORTB_IRQn, 112U);
  NVIC_SetPriority(PORTC_IRQn, 112U);
  /*! gpio1 Auto initialization end */
    /* Debug console initialization */