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Need to do ping between MAC-MAC with out phy through SGMII

Question asked by Rama Krishna Katta on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2015 by lunminliang

We have two routers in same chassis. we need to test communication between 2 routers. we have 4 SGMII interfaces. 2 are connected between CPU-FPGA. Another SGMMI between two routers. currently we are using free scale processor T1040 and kernel 3.8.13. I have changed dts file as fallows.  Once the system up on two machines I am trying to ping with eth2 (eth0 and eth1 are used by CPU-FPGA). But I am not getting any response. I am attaching 2 dts files,


Pass case:

fsl_mac: fsl_mac: FSL FMan MAC API based driver ()

fsl_mac ffb4e0000.ethernet: FMan MEMAC

fsl_mac ffb4e0000.ethernet: FMan MAC address: 00:22:bd:dd:e7:8a

fsl_mac ffb4e2000.ethernet: FMan MEMAC

fsl_mac ffb4e2000.ethernet: FMan MAC address: 00:04:9f:03:05:e5

fsl_mac ffb4e4000.ethernet: FMan MEMAC

fsl_mac ffb4e4000.ethernet: FMan MAC address: 00:00:04:9f:03:05

fsl_mac ffb4e6000.ethernet: FMan MEMAC

fsl_mac ffb4e6000.ethernet: FMan MAC address: 00:04:9f:03:05:e7

Fail case:

fsl_mac ffb4e0000.ethernet: of_get_mac_address(/soc@ffb000000/fman@400000/ethernet@e0000) failed

fsl_mac: probe of ffb4e0000.ethernet failed with error -22

fsl_mac ffb4e2000.ethernet: of_get_mac_address(/soc@ffb000000/fman@400000/ethernet@e2000) failed

fsl_mac: probe of ffb4e2000.ethernet failed with error -22

fsl_mac ffb4e4000.ethernet: of_get_mac_address(/soc@ffb000000/fman@400000/ethernet@e4000) failed

fsl_mac: probe of ffb4e4000.ethernet failed with error -22

fsl_mac ffb4e6000.ethernet: FMan MEMAC

fsl_mac ffb4e6000.ethernet: FMan MAC address: 00:04:9f:03:05:e7

fsl_dpa: FSL DPAA Ethernet driver ()

fsl_dpa ethernet.16: dev_get_drvdata(ffb4e0000.ethernet) failed

fsl_dpa: probe of ethernet.16 failed with error -22

fsl_dpa ethernet.17: dev_get_drvdata(ffb4e2000.ethernet) failed

fsl_dpa: probe of ethernet.17 failed with error -22

fsl_dpa ethernet.18: dev_get_drvdata(ffb4e4000.ethernet) failed

fsl_dpa: probe of ethernet.18 failed with error -22

fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth0

fsl_dpa_shared: FSL DPAA Shared Ethernet driver ()

fsl_dpa_proxy: FSL DPAA Proxy initialization driver ()

fsl_oh: FSL FMan Offline Parsing port driver ()

Other than dts file changes do I need to do changes in phy driver file to tweek eth2.

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