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USB gadgetfs test

Question asked by Ashwin Deshpande on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by Ashwin Deshpande

Hello All,


I want to explore gadgetfs for file transfer, i have googled so many links but I am not clear about the exact procedure to follow.


All examples states, run usb.c, but how to make an executable for my target board (iMX6 SabreSD).


Also the controllers stated in autoconfig() functions doesnt match with the one used in SabreSD.


If i follow the procedure

1) mkdir /dev/gadget

2) modprobe gadgetfs

3) mount -t gadgetfs none /dev/gadget


I get an error "nop ci_hdrc.0: failed to start (null): -120"


If anybody can guide with step by step procedure, I would be thankful


Thanks and Regards

Ashwin Deshpande