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Power Architecture MPC8555 Processor Driver codes

Question asked by Mrityunjoy Biswas on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by Mrityunjoy Biswas

Hello Every one,

I have a customized board which having MPC-8555 power processor, DDR RAM, 128 MB program Memory, 128 MB Record Flash, some NAND flash, Ethernet, UART, and some discrete I/O from FPGA. I am new to Freescale. The board is working fine and well tested with Linux. But my requirement is to write stand alone Peripheral and device drivers in C. I want to write some C code for RAM, UART and I/O to make my board as a Single Board Computer. Some of my doubt arise when I was trying to develop in Codewarrior for Power architecture.


1) Does Processor Expert software support MPC-85xx Series Power processor?


2) Processor Expert Software can I integrate to Codewarrior IDE for power architecture MPC8555? If yes which version of Codewarrior and Processor Expert I have to download?


3) Is it possible to generate Peripheral and Device C code automatically as per my hardware requirement in codewarrior itself (means I shall provide the Hardware requirements,Pin numbers or Address Mapping of Peripheral and,IDE will return peripheral driver C code)?


4) How to get initialization and device driver code (in C) as per my Hardware requirement? If Processor Expert having this features for my processor please mention.


5) On the board Program flash memory is S29GL01 which is supported by Codewarrior IDE. Which JTAG I have to purchase for dumping/Burning the Peripheral Driver codes?


6) What will be generated flash file extension that I have Burn to the Program Flash memory?


7) If any tutorial Video/Link is almost meeting my requirements please send the link.


Thanking You.