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MQX 3.8 system blocks after a while when enabled external IRQ3

Question asked by Ryan Liu on Jan 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Ryan Liu

I'm using MPC8309 and MQX 3.8 version. In our board there is one FPGA interrupt connected in IRQ3 pin. The interrupt period is about 25ms.

I initialized four tasks.

          The first task is to install FPGA ISR and enable interrupt.  In FPGA ISR function, there is one counter increasing with one interrupt.

          The second task setup one software watchdog to light on/off the LED on the board.

          The third task is to use one _time_delay(1000) and then print the counter in FPGA to the serial console and  in a while(1).

          The four task is one shell task for debug and can get current counter value.


when these three tasks begin, at first the counter value can be output on the console. but after a while, there no any output on the console.  The LED in the board blinks normally. I can get the counter value changing from shell debug command.  It shows the system and FPGA ISR work, but the third task blocks.  I try several times. Although the times is random, but the third task always blocks at last.

I don't know where the problem is. _time_delay(), interrupt or task schedule? 

Can anyone give me some suggestion? Thanks.