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Set serdes options for srio on P2020

Question asked by Nick Kung on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by lunminliang

Dear all,


Recently, I start a project with P2020, use the srio on it. The system is consisted of the P2020 as srio host and another IDT development card(Tsi721 + CPS-1432) as srio agent. P2020 SRIO2 is set to x4 2.5G by hardwired the cfg_io_ports[0:3] to 1001

After I enter the Linux system, I can get some settings through the regs of srio config (CCSRBAR + 0xc0000), however the value of PmESCSR for SRIO2 is always 0x01 which means the port is not initialized,  the PmCCSR(=0x5060) seems alright for x4 lane. Without the correct port initialization,the SRIO2 can't work.

  I am confused why the port isn't initialized and is there any other settings of serdes for software?

Any help will be appreciated!


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