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MMA8452Q, sensor toolbox I2C address

Question asked by jannek on Jan 29, 2015
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Is it possible to have the MMA845xQ evaluation kit (LFSTBEB845x + LFSTBUSB) talk to

an MMA8452Q at I2C address 0x1C (SA0=0) instead of 0x1D (SA1=1)?



We have an MMA845xQ eval kit (LFSTBEB845x + LFSTBUSB) which works fine with the

bundled MMA8452Q DIL breakout board, but due to tight space constraints I'm attempting

to use the accelerometer section we've cut off of a production board.


Our board has SA0 pin grounded (trace is under the QFN package so can't cut it without

reworking), but looking at I2C comms between the evkit and the MMA8452Q it seems the

evkit expects SA0=1, even if I ground the SA0 pin (J1-7) on the DIL socket.


The NVM logger feature of the sensor toolbox is what we intended to use, in case that

makes a difference. Only 4 wires (Vdd, gnd, scl, sda) are connected to the evkit, but the target

board has bypass caps and connects all the supply/gnd pins.