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iMX25 NAND Flash support

Question asked by D. Saric on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Bacem Daassi

Dear all,


we built up a few prototyping board with iMX251 and added the SLC NAND Flash Spansion S34ML04G200. As the flash does not work correctly within u-boot and Linux we are currently investigating the root cause.


Comparing the flash with the PDK's one (Samsung) we found out that we are having another page size setup within our flash:


- Spansion S34ML04G200: 2 Gbit / 4 Gbit: (2048 + 128) bytes; 128-byte spare area (we have the 4Gbit version)

- Samsung K9LAG08U0M: Page Size : (2K + 64)Byte


So it seems the Spansion part does not match the requirement in terms of spare size (which can be found within the reference manual and an appnote, too - we found this recently...). Can you please comment on that and inform if the Spansion flash we chose is / is not compatible? We have several boars built up and would like to get them running correctly, so if there is a chance to configure properly please let us know.


Many thanks in advance,



BTW, there is another Spansion type S34ML04G100 with "x8 = 2112 (2048 + 64) bytes; 64 bytes is spare area" - would this be a better choice?