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Developer Resources for Android Customisation?

Question asked by Christian Treczoks on Jan 29, 2015
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I've got an iMX6 based dev board for android, and I need to customize some things for our product. But I cannot find any usable resources/documents on this topic. Android seems to be App, App, and App again, but if you need to deal with the low level stuff, you only get a "leaflet" telling you how to compile the stuff from an Android BSP and copy it to the SD, but no further help.


So, for example, I stubled about the "navigation bar problem". When I used the desktop monitor or the large touch screen with a 1280x800 resolution, the navigation bar with the home and back button is there. If I use the lower resolution display (or the HDMI with a sumulated lower resolution) with 800x480, the navigation bar is gone. Somewhere in the Android source jungle there must be a constant or configured value that tells Android from which height it is allowed to have a navigation bar. But hwere can I find documentation on that? Where should I start?


Or: This dev board, as well as the final product, has no battery. But it still cries for a charger, and if I don't mark "don't sleep" in the developers options, it reboots after a few minutes. How cann I tell Android that a charger is not necessary? I could not find any resources on this - its all app, apps, apps, or "how to prolong my battary life", but nothing for adaption on a specific hardware.


Any tips for my specific problems? Any hints or resources to get insights into adapting/configuring Android?



Christian Treczoks