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Setting FBI mode with SDK

Question asked by Pietro di Castri on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by Pietro di Castri

Good morning

I try to execute this call with different values of fcrdivVal, the fourth parameters in the function.


    CLOCK_HAL_SetFbiMode(MCG_BASE, kMcgDcoRangeSelMid, kMcgInternalRefClkSelFast, 5, CLOCK_FllStableDelay, &outClkFreq );


It execute correctly with values from 0 to 5. The clock is 125 KHz with a value of 5.

If the fcrdivVal is 6 the clock is updated (32KHz), I see on the scope as CLOCKOUT, but the debugger looses the control.

Is it normal???



Thank You