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PEMicro Multilink Universal on MC9S08 will debug, but not program...

Question asked by Matthew Reed on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by Matthew Reed

We have recently got some new P&E Micro Multilink Universal debuggers.  We used to use the P&E Micro HCS08 Multilink.


With the old units (and this still works), we could use the 'Flash Programmer' tool to place the bootloader in the device in preparation for Internal Test.


Although we go through the exact same steps, the blue P&E Micro Multilink Universal does not work.  Although it does not give any errors.


I have contacted P&E Micro, they believe the problem is with the CodeWarrior Flash utility (mainly because the debugger works just fine).


CodeWarrior version 10.6 Build 140329


Flash Programmer for HSC09 - V 10.6.0.FSL_b8382


Processor:  MC9S08DZ60