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Multiple definition of _bsp_usb_host_init

Question asked by Tom Tatakis on Jan 28, 2015
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I am trying to get the USB host stack running on the FRDM KL25Z.  I'm using KDS and PE.  The project is failing to build because _bsp_usb_host_init is defined multiple time.  The problem is, it is PE generated code and there is no enable/disable available for this function in any of the requisite components that I can see. I have the components from version 4.1.1 of the USB Stack imported into the project and I have usb_host:USB_HOST_STACK included in the project as well as the FAT1:FAT_FilesySystem component which references FsMSD1:FatFsMem_USB_MSD.


The linker tell me that _bsp_usb_host_init is defined in Generated_Code/khci.c and Generated_Code/FsMSD1.c

How do I get rid of this multiple definition?


Thanks in advance for any help.