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DAC with DMA on Vybrid VF65GS10

Question asked by HU Q on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by alejandrolozano



I am working on DAC module for Vybrid VF65GS10 and successfully done with


non- buffered support [DAC0_STATCTRL = 0x0000E002]

Buffered support [DAC0_STATCTRL = 0x0F01E002; Set DACSWTRG bit in loop to advance read pointer]


I have tried to use DAC with DMA but no success. [I have successfully used DMA with Serial].


Here is my settings for DAC

[DAC_STATCTRL = 0x0080C702]

DAC0 interrupt is enabled [87]


Here is my settings for DMA



Peripheral ID: 32

DMA Channel: 16


If I manually set DMA_TCD_CSR[START] bit during debugging then data is appeared in data register of DAC. otherwise no data is visible on DAC Data Register (Buffer 0).


What is wrong with my configurations.