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About Asynchronous Write access of EIM of i.MX6

Question asked by yuuki on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by yuuki

Dear all,


Our customer connects external device to EIM_CS0 of i.MX6.
They would like to access external device by asynchronous access.


They try to write 0xFFFF value into 0x80000000 address.
However, the value isn't output on a data bus(DATA[31:16]).


I'm checking their register setting.
However, I can't find a problem.


May I have some advice?

They set registers as follows.


Non-Multiplex Mode/16bit_bus(DATA[31:16])

(MUM=0 / DSZ=010 / SRD=0 / SWR=0)


CCM_CCGR6   : 0x20C_4080 : 0xFFFF_0C03
EIM_CS0GCR1 : 0x21B_8000 : 0x0002_0001
EIM_CS0GCR2 : 0x21B_8004 : 0x0000_0000
EIM_CS0RCR1 : 0x21B_8008 : 0x2800_0203
EIM_CS0RCR2 : 0x21B_800C : 0x0000_0002
EIM_CS0WCR1 : 0x21B_8010 : 0x2800_2083
EIM_CS0WCR2 : 0x21B_8014 : 0x0000_0000
EIM_WCR     : 0x21B_8090 : 0x0000_0020
EIM_WIAR    : 0x21B_8094 : 0x0000_0010

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