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ADV7281M driver

Question asked by Yury Kocherov on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Yury Kocherov



I am trying to get CSI video from ADV7281M on UDOO Quad board (iMX6Q). I found "adv7280_mipi_csi2_tvin.c" in the kernel sources and plug it in the config.

Then I found that the initial code for UDOO does not manage ADV7280, so I have added necessary code. Right now I see that ADV7280 driver registered by system (probe function called), but there is no /dev/videoX file for my ADV7280 instance. I guess the reason is "adv7280_mipi_csi2_tvin.c" provides only I2C registration... not V4L.

I found that another board (mx6q sabreauto ???) also uses ADV7280, but it is not clear how...


So there are questions:

- how to use ADV7280 without V4L?

- is anyone uses ADV7280 and have working driver?


/Regards, Yury.