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Template application does not work

Question asked by Filip Dossche on Jan 28, 2015
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I have just installed the Kinetis design studio plus all the extras In need for an application using the MKL03Z32VFG4 chip.

I create a new template application which is ultimately a single file application (main.c) which just contains an endless loop.

However, I can't compile/build it because I get a linker error message:


     region `m_data' overflowed by 208 bytes


I have checked it out and the culprit appears to be:


That library item uses +/- 0x298 bytes. In combination with the defined stack size of 0x300, the heap size of 0x200 and some other minor items I obviously exceed the 0x700 bytes available for the "m_data" region.

So there a few possible flaws in the example/template software.

     - the library item may be unnecessary, in that case: how do I disable it ?

     - The defined Stack and Heap sizes may be too large for a processor with only 2K of RAM.

Has anyone else noticed this and, more importantly, how to cure it?

Any help much appreciated.