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BOOT_MODE + BT_FUSE_SEL confusion on imx6s

Question asked by trycatch on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Peter Amond

In the IMX6SDLRM, table 8-4 on page 392 says:


BOOT_MODE[1:0] BT_FUSE_SEL ValueBoot Options Controlled By
010GPIO pins


100GPIO pins


What I take from this is that regardless of the boot mode, eFUSES should be used if either of the two conditions are true:

- the boot mode is 00 (Boot from Fuses)

- the BT_FUSE_SEL fuse has been set


Thus, I *should* be able to boot from fuses on a board by setting the BOOT_MODE to 00 and leaving BT_FUSE_SEL intact, however I am not finding this to be the case in the test boards I am working on.  I have jumper pins for the BOOT_MODE, and have set BOOT_CFG1 to 0x00005068 (booting from MMC on SD3), however until I burn BT_FUSE_SEL, I *cannot* boot the board, even in BOOT_MODE 00.  Could someone explain what I'm missing?  I really need the ability to go back and forth between boot modes 00 and 01...


Thank you in advance for your help!