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Setting the External Debug Control Register EDBCR0 (P4080)

Question asked by Clemens Reibetanz on Jan 27, 2015
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I want to set the EDBCR0[EDM] to 0.

How can I do this?


The manual says (E500MCRM, p.329):

Addressing the debug/expert resources through the memory mapped interface entails driving a base

address for the e500mc core (BASE), a functional group select (GID) and register index for a specific

register. The functional group select determines what class of resource is to be accessed, while the register

index determines which resource within the group to access.

Refer to the SoC reference manual for specifics on accessing the internal memory mapped resources via

the external JTAG interface as well as the Aurora high speed serial interface.

What does this mean? (I am using the code warrior tap if this is important)


I hope you can help me.