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RTC accuracy with MQX 4.1 on a K70

Question asked by arnogir on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by arnogir

Hello every body.


I'm using a K70 with MQX4.1


I use the rtc function (_set_time, _get_time) to set and get the current date/Hour.


But I made a test of accuracy with my Laptop and my mobile phone.

I synchronized both Laptop, Mobile phone and my K70board.


After 1 day, Laptop and mobile phone have not deviation, but the K70 board has took 20 seconds to advance!

It seems to me the K70 has register to set accuracy according Chrystal/Capacity value, but I don't found in MQX a way to set it.

Also, I don't understand how set the register (RTC_TCR?) according my problem and how know which value to configure.

In more, these value are saved when main power is down and RTC power kept?

Please inform me about the way to improve the RTC accuracy with MQX / K70