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Yocto U-Boot modification

Question asked by Durmuş Kurtuluş on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Mounika Reddy

Hi everyone,


Recently, We've received my custom i.MX6 board based on SabreSD and struggling with board bring-up.

We've decided to use Yocto to build everything (u-boot, initramfs, kernel) for MfgTool. (I'm very new to this)

I've downloaded sources for the dizzy release and built images with fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs for mx6qsabresd.


Now I need to make some modificiations (such as, changing SPI CS pin, adjusting some voltages of PMIC, etc) in U-Boot and re-built the image.

I have modified the source code;




and run the bitbake command


$: bitbake u-boot-imx-mfgtool -c compile


But basically it says that nothing has changed and out of xxx number of tasks, no task needed to be run.


I'm not sure if what I did is a correct way of doing this. Any help is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.