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Rewind feature using gstreamer, abruptly rewinds to the start of the stream

Question asked by Shwetha KN on Jan 27, 2015



I am developing a basic Gstreamer based audio player which is expected to support play, pause, seek, fast forward, rewind and stop functionalities. I am facing some issues in the rewind feature on imx6. 


When I test the rewind feature on my desktop, there is no issue and behaves as expected (gradually rewinds to the start of the stream at some steady rate). But, the problem is when I test the rewind functionality on the target(imx6), it abruptly skips to the start of the stream and the pipeline moves to the STOP state. I am not able to understand what is going wrong. Is there something extra that I need to take care while executing on the board? All other features are working perfectly fine.