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T1040RDB_booting from SPI

Question asked by VLADIMIR SIRIK on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by vijay b

One of my ctm has recently received the T1040RDB for evaluation.

Their SW/HW engineers still have some questions and in according to the feedback we will receive from FSL

we will decide and accept the final decision concerning the usage of FSL T-family into our new development.


First of all we are very surprised to know that T10xx processor cannot booting from SPI flash via its eSPI controller.


T10xx processor has everything for that but it seems there is no corresponding boot program inside the boot-ROM of processor.


It means that we can only boot via eLBC from parallel flash registering all addresses using several registers because

of multiplexing bus and Flash memory should be pre-programmed by external programmers.

Looks not state-of-the-art!


Or we didn’t understand something.


Which value of BOOT_LOCATION should be set into RCV?


We also couldn’t find the information for SPI. Could you please advise where it’s located?


Please clarify if the T10xx can be started/boot for SPI flash and how it can be done?


Thanks in advance for your attention and help,