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Unstable link-up while Connecting iMX6 PCIe EP and PC RC

Question asked by GieSeo Park on Jan 24, 2015
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I am trying to connect sabre-lite and PC via PCIe.

The problem link up bit repeats the connection and disconnection.

- link up bit : 48.9.12 Debug Register 1 (PCIE_PL_DEBUG1) (located at Offset: 0x700 + 0x2C) --- [36]: xmlh_link_up LTSSM reports PHY link up

Also, there is any thing detected in PC neighter with Linux or Windows.


What I did for for connecting sabre-lite is:

1) For physical connection, I used a PCI connector and connected with RX-TX are reversed status.

2) Enabled PCIe EP mode in kernel config, using SD card for booting.

3) Changed PCIe reference clock according to ' Reference Clock Frequency Selection' in RM, and this i.MX6Q: Using an external reference for PCIe link.

    I didn't modify the ENET PLL related part. I just modified PHY_MPLL_OVRD and PHY_ATEOVRD part.

The problem in link-up is:

1) On booting, log shows "PCIe EP: link up." message.

2) However, PC detects anything in linux or windows.

3) I used memtool to check 0x01FFC728 address, and it repeats link connection and disconnection.



In this case, what should I check more ?

Is there anyone who have successfully connected PC and iMX6 ?

Thank you in advance