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Oh the pain...FRDM-KL43Z

Question asked by Rich Knowles on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by Rich Knowles

Just received my KL43Z and anxiously began to try and use it.


As I uncover the tools I need to apply I'm discovering that things are not all sweetness and light in KL43Z-land.  I found the standalone KSDK for the KL43Z and installed it.


As I said, that standalone SDK which is supposed to support the KL43Z, and some of the fields get filled when I try to build a "new" application, but when I compile it and attempt to debug it, I get a "error in services launch sequence" of which the details say it is a missing device name.  So I turned back to the debug setup and the debug tools thinking perhaps I've skipped a step (of course the doc doesn't have much in the way of details about how to do this).


Back at the "quick start guide" (sheesh!) I plug the USB port into the SDA connector it shows up as a USB drive as expected.  The little self test program is flashing away with the LEDs and saying hello to me on the led's (over and over).  Reading the details in the users guide and the SDA users guide I'm told that if I put a SREC file into that drive it will be loaded.  I take the demo KL43Z file and drop it in there -  and the status file says it is "programming".  Maybe so - but there is no evidence from the board that that is happening.  In fact, it just keeps flashing those leds -  "hello"  "hello".....


Undaunted by the complications so far, I then go to the OpenSDA vendor to try and download the SDA software (thinking that I need to do that step) but their website doesn't respond (at all).


Being resourceful, I then go to the FRDM-K22F seminar kit and find the jlink image that worked just fine with the K22F at the seminar and try to load it.  Nope, nothing happens there either.


So I think I've passed the "RTFM" test, and on bended knee I ask whether *anyone* can point me at a solution.