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Setting Global Symbols

Question asked by Tharon Hall on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Tharon Hall

I realize that I can go to the project settings C/C++ General and Paths and Symbols and set Symbols for both C and C++ files. However, for reasons that escape me, those symbols don't appear to flow down to all of my individual C and C++ files and I have been forced to add them at the source level.


I need to be able to retarget my code between the 64-pin part in the FRDM board and the 100-pin part on my target board. I am assuming I may need to continue having symbols in multiple places in my project. However, can I tie something like "CPU_TYPE" to something like a global or environment variable so they all change where ever they are so they can be changed from one location in KDS?


Of course, if the symbols worked from the project properties level, I would only have to change it for the GNU C and GNU C++ files there, so it would only be two places to change.




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