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Can't get PWM working

Question asked by Keri Volans on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2015 by Keri Volans

I just can't get the PWM working. Trying to use PTB3 and PTB2 to drive two separate heaters. The frequency should be 10k. The duty cycle is set to be about 50%. Below is the function that I developed to set it up. What am I missing? I plugged PTB3 into an oscilloscope, and it was a flat line. The oscilloscope is definitely working. Thanks a lot.



void PWM_setup(


SIM_SCGC6 |= (1<<26);

SIM_SOPT2 |= (1<<24);      /* Select main clock source for the TPM module */

TPM2_SC = (000001011);

TPM2_CONF |= 0xC0; 



TPM2_CNT = 111; //Causes CNT to start counting.



  TPM2_MOD = (1001011000); //PWM period

  TPM2_C0V =   101011000;  //Duty cycle

  TPM2_C1V =   101011000;

  TPM2_C0SC =   00101100;

  TPM2_C1SC =   00101100;



EDIT: The problem was that I was writing an int into the register, not a binary. Embarrassing, but I'll leave this up as an example of how to set up PWM.