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Need accurate info or drivers for MSCAN + MCF51JM

Question asked by Ian M. on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by TomE

I have to make CAN work on the MCF51JM128. Seems easy enough. I downloaded the Freescale MSCAN Drivers:


I opened the /samples/JM128 sample.mcp, and... got a boatload of errors. That's because it was created before "Device Initialization" existed? But the consequence is that everything I find is outdated.


The MCF51JM datasheet isn't much help either, in other words, it is VERY HARD to find accurate information and code.


In a couple of responses TomE said that people used outdated code and that is wasn't worth their trouble making USB-CAN applications "because there was much better code out there". But I don't find any code. Neither does TomE point to the resources he refers to.


So this is a desperate last effort. Is there something that is obvious to everybody I have missed? I certainly hope so. Thanks!