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i.MX6Q: observation clock cko2 125M_clk_root source configuration on 3.10.17

Question asked by Diego Gonzalez /Jose Ferreiro on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Diego Gonzalez /Jose Ferreiro



Trying to setup 3.10.17 to use the CCM_CLKO2 to output the 125M clock (01001 on CLKO2_SEL at CCM_CCOSR ) , I found that its name in cko2_sels at clk-imx6q.c is ... "dummy".


What does this mean? Is it not going to work?


I looked the imx6 reference manual for a 125M root clock and I can not found another reference. Is it an errrata? Does that clock not exist?


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