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imx6q: DDR handling from 3.0.35 to 3.10.17

Question asked by Diego Gonzalez /Jose Ferreiro on Jan 23, 2015
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We have a custom imx6q board working with a 3.0.35 kernel. We parametrized our  DDR with the Freescale tools and put the final data on the u-boot software. We thought that kernel 3.0.35 do nothing with this DDR parameters and it let the work to uboot.


Now we are moving to 3.10.17.


While I was searching looking for a way to configure CCM_CCOSR on a 3.10.17, I surfed to this thread:

iMX6Q with 3.10.17 linux kernel and 400MHz DDR clock


So I go to our DTS file, copied from sabreSD (our board model), and I can see that DDR frecuency is 528MHz.


Several questions:

  - Is there a similar configuration in 3.0.35?

  - Is it possible that the 3.0.35 kernel changed some other DDR configuration parameter?

  - I reviewed some of Linux 3.10.17 dts Documentation files and only find: busfreq-imx6.txt. So it seems that only DDR frequency is affected. Is  it a correct conclusion?


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