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i.MX6 video encoding specs

Question asked by Ivo Strasil on Jan 23, 2015
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I  have recently found out that the i.MX6 Family Comparison Table changed a lot between two revisions, and newer revisions claims more limited functionality than the older revision.


FLYRIMXPRDCMPR REV 15, available for example at:

FLYRIMXPRDCMPR REV 16, available at:

(availability and said revisions confirmed on 01/23/2015)


Compare the two revision and pay attention to the changes, namely Hardware Video Acceleration row. We use the i.MX6 to do some 1080p video processing, therefore this functionality very important for us. But while the rev 15 claimed that the i.MX6 Solo is able to do 1080p30 video encoding, newer revision (rev 16) claims that only 720p encoding is supported. Did the Freescale just changed i.MX6 specifications?


The reference manual (i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Applications Processor Reference Manual (rev. 1), currently available at contains following:

Video Processing Unit (VPU), supports various decoding/encoding formats in

HW, up to 1080p plus SD 30fps decoding (H.264, VC1, RV10, DivX, etc.), and

up to 1080p 30fps encoding (H.264, etc.).


So it seems that the i.MX6 Solo should be able to do 1080p30 video encoding, but I really do not know if I can trust that information. If family comparison just changed, will the reference manual follow up?


We need to do 1080p30 video loopback (camera -> HDMI) and 1080p30 video encoding (using same camera) at the same time, possibly with minimum latency for the loopback. Is that even possible on i.MX6?


Thanks for any information, I will appreciate any help.