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ColdFire different behavior when flashing via "debug" or "flash on device"

Question asked by Massimo Cristofolini on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Carlos_Mendoza

Hi, everyone!


I have this project for ColdFire MCF51MM. After initialization, it print via serial a given string.

Everything works fine when flashing the micro via debug. It works correctly after resetting the micro, too (using it unconnected to CodeWarrior, not just in debug mode).

If I flash the .elf or .elf.S19 using "Flash Programmer"->"Flash File To Target", the output string is all messed up.

I analyzed the serial signal with an oscilloscope, and it looks like the signal generated by the micro programmed via Flash Programmer is slightly slower than the one generated when the micro is programmed via Debug.

What can be the source of this behavior?