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P1011 Custom JTAG config

Question asked by Juha Laukkanen on Jan 22, 2015
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I noticed that there is no template jtag chain for P101x target under Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V10.4.0\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains


I need to create custom JTAG config since P1011 based board doesn't work with default JTAG target P1011.


It just gives "CCS last error: Draco/m HIP8: Core not responding" when doing reset or pause after connect.


The board is recognized properly with idcode.tcl script under Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V10.4.0\PA\ccs\bin


TDO -----


        * Device 0  IDCODE: 068E301D  Device: FSL P1011/P1012 rev 1.x


TDI -----


So my question is how do I make/generate proper JTAG config file for this target?