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Connect adb to imx6 android demo 4.4.2

Question asked by floriang on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by SergioSolis

Dear all,

I tried everything I could find on these forums, but I am not able to connect through ADB via USB to a SABRE SDB device running the demo image for android 4.4.2:


Device page:

SABRE Board Reference Design|Freescale


Downloaded image



The OS image was instaleld on eMMC and it boots fine into the OS.


Then, the device is recognized as "ADB composite interface" in windows system manager.

USB debugging is enabled on the device


But when I do "adb devices" the device is not listed.


1. I tried to use the Freescale USB drivers that worked for android 4.0.4 demo image, but they don't work.

2. I tried installing the latest SDK (with android studio) from google, using latest ADB and latest usb drivers from Google, but it doesn't work either.


Is there anyway to get this USB debugging work?

We could use ADB over ethernet but it is a BIG waste of time to setup the ethernet connection every time the board is bootedup.


Additionally if someone has a configuration that works with the android 4.4.2 demo image, can you attach the drivers you used to connect with ADB?


Thank you.