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I2S Microphone and K22F

Question asked by Eduardo Umana on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by xiangjun.rong

I am trying to set up the INMP441 digital I2S microphone with the Kinetis K22F Freedom Board. The microphone data sheet is at:

I have been able to implement the correct settings for the Bit Clock and Frame Sync (64 clocks per frame, 2 words per frame, etc...) through the 5 I2Sx_RCR registers. I am now trying to quickly obtain data from the microphone but have not been successful. Here is my code.

    CHIPEN = 1;

    L = 1;




    //Pins Init

    SIM_SCGC5 |= 0x42B82;       //Enables PORTC

    PORTC_PCR5 |= 0x400;        //PTC5 --> I2S0_RXD0 -> DATA (coming from Microphone)

    PORTC_PCR7 |= 0x400;        //PTC7 --> I2S0_RX_FS -> FRAME (Sent to Microphone)

    PORTC_PCR9 |= 0x400;        //PTC9 --> I2S0_RX_BCLK -> BITCLOCK (Sent to Microphone)


    //Clock Init

    SIM_SCGC6 |= 0x8000;            //Turn on I2S Clock Gate

    SIM_SOPT2 |= 0x30000;           //I2S Clocking Sourced from 48MHz IRC48MCLK

    I2S0_MCR |= 0x43000000;      //Output Enable. Mux IRC48MCLK into Fractional Divider

    I2S0_RCR2 |= 0x4000000;       //MCLK MSEL to BCLK

    I2S0_MDR |= 0x1F07C;            //Set I2S Master Clock to 12.2880MHz

    I2S0_RCR2 |= 0x300000D;       //DIV is 13 - > 9000kHz Sample Rate. BCD = 1

    SIM_SCGC6 |= 0x8000;             //Re-Enable I2S Module


    //Receive Init

    I2S0_RCSR = 0x0;                      //Disable Receive as per Datasheet

    I2S0_RCR1 |= 0x1;                    //Sets FIFO Watermark to 1

    I2S0_RCR3 |= 0x10000;            //Enable Receive Data Channel

    I2S0_RCR4 |= 0x11F19;            //Internal Frame Sync. Early Frame Sync. 32 SYWD. FRSZ 2.

    I2S0_RCR5 |= 0x1F1F1F00;       //32 Bits per Word. 32 Bits in First Word. Shifted 32.



    I2S0_RCSR = 0x2000000;          //FIFO Reset

    I2S0_RCSR |= 0x80000100;       //Enable and FIFO Enable


while(1) {

        if(I2S0_RCSR & 0x10000){

            pr(&I2S0_RDR0);               //Reads content from data register, problem is that is constantly 0

            led_red = 0;






The problem is that the I2S0_RDR0 register is stuck at 0. So evidently I am not getting data from the microphone. Any ideas? (The microphone is indeed sending data on the right channel as confirmed with an oscilloscope)