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Configuring iATU on i.MX6

Question asked by Gasper Korinsek on Jan 21, 2015
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We're using i.MX6Q Linux 3.10.17_1.0.0_ga on SabreSD board, configured as PCIe RC.

Attached propiatery EP device on PCIe has three 32-bit BARs, 1MBytes each. Registers of interest on EP go from address 0x01000000 on.

On i.MX6 Linux performs the following BAR mapping:

32-bit BAR0 - 1MByte: 0x01200000 - 0x12FFFFF

32-bit BAR1 - 1MByte: 0x01300000 - 0x13FFFFF

32-bit BAR2 - 1MByte: 0x01300000 - 0x13FFFFF


Without using iATU we can only access registers on EP from address 0x01200000 on.

We've tried enabling iATU in file drivers/pci/host/pci-imx6.c as described below, but the address translation didn't work (we've got the same register content as prior enabling iATU)

writel(0, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_VIEWPORT);

writel(0x01000000, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_LOWER_BASE);

writel(0x00000000, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_UPPER_BASE);

writel(0x010fffff, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_LIMIT);


writel(0x00200000, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_LOWER_TARGET);

writel(0x00000000, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_UPPER_TARGET);

writel(PCIE_ATU_TYPE_MEM, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_CR1);

writel(PCIE_ATU_ENABLE, pp->dbi_base + PCIE_ATU_CR2);


I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas how to make iATU operational to access registers on EP from 0x01000000 on.


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