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MQX for KSDK USB host fat system

Question asked by Menko Oldewurtel on Jan 21, 2015
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with KDS2.0 and KSDK1.1.0 on FRDM-K64F Board: I want to write data  on a USB MSD with an FAT Filesystem.


I found this example: C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.1.0\usb\example\host\msd\msd_fatfs\sdk\kds\host_msd_fatfs_frdmk64f_mqx


Now want to copy the example and modify for my application. In the user Guide it is only described for iar, but i want to develop it in KDS2.0. So what i have to do to copy the example? I´ve found this Tool: Create new KSDK Projects but don´t know how to change the args when starting it for the fat-project. Can anyone help?`


Next problem will come up: Is it possible to add Components with PE to the project? Could be easier then to use the BM example?


Thanks for your help!