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Programming using MFG Tool without changing the fuses

Question asked by Hemanth Kumar Challa on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Hemanth Kumar Challa

Dear Freescale community,


we are customizing the i.MX233 EVK . As we are  using the NOR Flash in SPI Flash 2 Master mode for Booting customized board. Here is the challenge comes i want to Program the NOR Flash on customized Board.

For that i want to use MFG Tool(Manufacturing tool ) Provided By the Freescale.  We are  changing the xml files. But as Default if anyone want to use the MFG Tool  for Programming the  Board. Mode has to change to USB mode from Default Mode(Eg:SPI Flash 2  Master mode). 


Is there any Software provision in Kernel or MFG Tool. That i can Easily Program my Customized Boards without any Change of Boot Modes. or Suggest any Other Tools exits Supporting  i.MX233 Programming.