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Unable to boot from spansion SPI Flash

Question asked by Pt A R on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2015 by lonsn


     I am using customized imx28 board. I am able to boot from SD card.

     But SPI boot is not working.


     When I tried to boot from SPI, it prints 0x80501003 error code( The file signature or file version is incorrect )


     Linux BSP          :

     uboot version     :u-boot-2009.08

     Processor            :i.mx281

     SPI NOR Flash   :Spansion S25FL256S_64K


     I have applied the uboot and kernel patches which are specified in this thread How to enable SPI NOR boot for i.MX28 (Spansion s25fl256s)

     I have faced an issue while detecting the flash.



     I have added ss1,ss2 pins to spi pin desc struct .( mx28_evk.c file )


     After that sf probe detected the SPANSION flash.


    sf probe 2:0

     sf set_config_reg 0x04


     sf erase 0x0 0x300000

     sf write 0x42000000 0x0 0x300000


     The linux boot stream image is written to flash.

     Then I set boot mode to 0010.But I am  getting 0x80501003 ROM error code.