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CV Test fail at the item "Device Descriptor test -Addressed State" of the Generic USB HID Application using more than 2 Endpoint in the environment of Freescale USB stack V4.4.1

Question asked by KWANGHO PARK on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by KWANGHO PARK


I ask to  who knows or exprienced this problem.

I would like to confirm whether it is correct or not that i tried follows for success CV test.

This failure found at the application about Generic USB HID using 3 IN endpont, 3 OUT endpoint.

(Normal data TX/RX operation allways ok)

So, I had found following index values setting should be the root cause.


in the "USB_LDD.C" source generated by USB_LDD processor expert component

#define MAX_EP_IDX  0x0Cu  modified to 0x0Du = EPcnt(this case 6) x2 +1


#define MAX_BD_IDX  0x19u  modified to 0x1Bu = MAX_EP_IDX x 2 +1

When i appllied these change the test was passed.

Please comment about this issue.


best regards.

KH Park