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MCF52258 ezport programming problem with watchdog enabled?

Question asked by Leo Cheng on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Leo Cheng

When I program the unit using SF100 through ezport, there is a issue that programming is failed(checksum error, only part is programmed), as long as the unit has been programmed successfully before.


The watchdog is enabled, WCR = 0x1D . When I disable the watchdog, there is no programming problem.


When using SF100 to program the unit through ezport, it should assert the external reset pin to reset the unit.

In the datasheet, I saw a description, WCR is a read-always/write-once register; after the register is written, the contents cannot be changed until the next Power-On Reset event occurs.

So my question is,

1. MCF52258 watchdog can't be disabled by external pin reset? Only can be disabled by power-on reset?

2. When ezport is enabled, the MCF52258 is not in any mode(Wait Mode, Doze Mode, Stop Mode)?