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Precise Dimensions of FRDM boards

Question asked by TOM SPARKS on Jan 20, 2015
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Kinetis Community:


I have been working on making a companion board to the Kinetis FRDM boards that would essentially permit myself or others to make a shield that would connect to the Arduino pins as well as all the pins unique to the various FRDM pin implementations.  I can measure my own boards with some degree of precision, but measuring from the the boards is not the best way possible to proceed.  These boards, or any manufactured part, are built within certain tolerances.  Tolerances are permissible deviations from the intended design, and it is impossible to discern precisely the  intended design by measuring the part.  Any measurement of the part will always reflect manufacturing variations of the original design, and for various reasons these variations cannot be eliminated..  This is important because, if for instance, the object I am measuring was already at the edge of its tolerances, some number of my boards will reflect these errors and will exaggerate these errors due to my own manufacturing errors.  My errors will stack on top of the original errors and my result will end up unusable.


The gold standard then is to have a drawing reflecting the original intentions of the designers so that my boards may have the best chance of actually fitting the original FRDM boards reliably.


I started by looking at anything provided by Freescale and the best I was able to learn is that the overall dimensions, the dimensions of the corner radii, and the distance between two of the mounting holes.  I also sought out the relationships of the outboard Arduino pins and there too the dimensions are not clear.  There are dimensions floating around on various Arduino forums that vary quite a bit.  So much so as to be unreliable.


There are Freescale PCB files I acquired for the 27556 board, (the production name for the FRDM-KL25Z,) that in some cases are empty files.


So here I am.  All I need are some of the original dimensions from Freescale to get going on this, and if I get them, I'd be happy to share my final drawings with the FRDM fan base.


I have created a preliminary drawing and I have provided it here in pdf form of the dimensions I've been able to collect and measure on all the FRDM boards. On the attached drawing I have marked with "X" the dimensions I have low confidence IN their correctness.  I should also add that the dimensions provided are not the complete set necessary to produce a board that will work with the FRDM boards.  It is provided merely to show how few dimensions are actually available out there.


If anyone has a real-deal Freescale drawing of any of the FRDM boards, I sure would appreciate a copy of this file.


Thank you,

Tom Sparks